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Infant Communication and Massage Classes

Three to five sessions, depending on class size
Includes information on:

  1. Benefits of infant massage
  2. Massage strokes for different areas of the body
  3. Infant cues
  4. Aids for dealing with gas and colic
  5. Gentle movements - guided interactive
  6. Movements with pre-crawling babies
  7. Adapting massage for growing child
  8. Crying
  9. Information on behavioral states and which states are good for massage
  10. Information about bonding and attachment

Reiki healing - treatments and classes

If labor was difficult, or baby has had a rough beginning, the early moments of bonding may not have taken place the way you wanted or expected.

When that happens, there is often a lingering feeling of having missed something. With Reiki, that can be healed so you and your baby can continue your relationship from a better foundation.

In addition, you can learn Reiki to nurture yourself, to more easily connect with your baby, and to accelerate healing in your baby (child) of some of those normal childhood things – colds, cuts, bruises, and emotional hurts.