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How Does This Work?

If you are like most people, when you are sick or hurting, you probably focus on the part of your body that seems to be causing you trouble.  You just want it fixed so you can get back to your life.  This is a totally natural response and sometimes it’s the best one.

And often healing requires a different response. Here are 3 keys that will help you to open the doors to begin the journey to heal your whole self.

Focus on you as a whole person.

First of all, on this healing journey, you need to be aware of the whole picture.  For instance, if you only look at your sore ankle, you are likely to miss something important.  It might be that your pelvis needs to be realigned or that you didn’t really want to go where you were headed when you twisted your ankle.

Reiki energy--the Universal Life Force

Reiki is the force of life.  Being divine, intelligent, loving energy, it heals whatever you need most.  Reiki goes to the source of the problem, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.  It will heal directly, highlight other aspects to support healing, and help you be at peace with your condition.

Use of a companion/catalyst

The third element is the presence of a person who acts as both a companion and a catalyst.  Healing often involves change, which can sometimes feel scary even if the change is for the good.  In our approach, you are not alone.  You have someone walking closely with you, someone who can provide clarity, support, or a gentle nudge forward. 

It is the interweaving of these three elements that help you return to health and wholeness.

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