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Is This You?

You’ve been sick or in pain and you wonder whether you can benefit from this healing approach.  Take a look at the situations here and notice whether any of them resonate with you.

You hurt your ankle, knee or back.  Maybe you’ve tried hot packs, cold packs or Tiger Balm, and it’s still painful.  On the other hand, maybe the injury is quite recent and you just want it to heal as fast as possible.

You’ve been sick a lot.   Maybe it’s a cold that refuses to go away.  Maybe you find yourself getting sick over and over again.  You’ve tried everything you know of, but you’re still not as healthy as you want to be.

Migraines.  You’ve had them for years.  The medications work some - if you start using them in time.  But too often you are out of commission for two to three days.  You want relief from the nausea, light sensitivity, the sound sensitivity, and the awful pain.

Cancer.  Whether it’s a recent diagnosis or not, you are faced with a number of options.  You want help to get in touch with your own heart so you can decide which one is best for you.  Or maybe you’ve made your treatment decision but you want extra support for your body and your emotions during the challenge of treatment.

You want to get pregnant.  You are seeing a fertility specialist.  You want help to relax to maximize the benefit of all you are doing to get pregnant.

These are just a few examples where Reiki can help.  In fact it helps for any illness or injury.  It works by healing directly, highlighting other aspects needed to heal, and helping the person be at peace with his or her condition.

This approach is good for people of all ages with:

It is especially useful for people who value:

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