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Megan Gala"I enjoyed Siddheshwari's approach to Reiki, her manner, and I felt very safe and comfortable with her. The main "problem" that brought me to the internship was that I wanted to experience more about Reiki, to learn more opportunities to use and share Reiki personally and professionally. I intended to gain support from a like-minded community where I could openly discuss and present questions to any Reiki issues I experienced. I also intended to gain support in terms of stepping out as a professional Reiki practitioner. I fulfilled both my intentions through the Reiki program. I gained amazing support from like-minded community, I had a beautiful forum to discuss Reiki and present questions that arose and I gained support and insight into stepping out as a professional Reiki practitioner. A success!"
-- Megan Gala, Moraga, CA
"Siddheshwari patiently explained Reiki to me and the necessity to take the 4 consecutive treatments prior to training. I took the 4 consecutive treatments and noticed a 'shift' within. Shortly after, I went through the first-degree class. It was fun and I learned to really appreciate Reiki for what it is and practice almost daily. After the class, I felt a bit discouraged because I had no one to practice Reiki on. A couple of weeks later, Siddheshwari saved the day and encouraged me to take the internship. I am so glad she did. Siddheshwari opened the door for me to volunteer at the East Bay SPCA and the experience has so far been so fulfilling. I offered treatments to a number of dogs there and I truly believe they benefited from Reiki's natural energy healing. Many of the dogs I've worked with have since been adopted. My heart swelled with happiness knowing that they found their forever homes."
-- Anita, San Leandro, CA

Reiki Training Program

Do you long to have the healing power of your hands activated or enhanced?

Are you interested in learning Reiki, and want a safe, supportive environment to build confidence in it and in your abilities?

Reiki Training a place where you can learn to

heal yourself, someone you love, and other people

strengthen your intuition

develop spiritually, no matter your religion or spiritual tradition

Training Options

First-level Reiki Class

9 hours over 3 or 4 days

Fee: $225

Pre-requisite: Although not absolutely required, I highly recommend that you receive 4 full (hour-long) Reiki treatments before taking the class. You could have received them years ago, or just last week. They certainly do not need to be with me (though I am always happy to give you one or more treatments sometime before you take the class).

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Second-level Reiki Class

5 to 7 hours through 2 sessions

Fee: $750 ("a drop in a bucket compared with what you get!")**

Pre-requisite: First-level Reiki and a discussion with me

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Internship Program

(after First-level or Second-level Reiki)

Remember learning to ride a bicycle or drive a car? Did you feel confident right after you had learned the basics? I sure didn't! And I didn't with Reiki either.

It is true that after a weekend Reiki class, you can give treatments to yourself and others.

No matter your background, the Reiki energy flows and heals automatically. It is as simple as that.

On the other hand, some people want more support in their first steps with Reiki to help them become more confident.

To develop that confidence, three things will help:

  1. Practice. Lots of it -- usually with friends and family. In addition, offering Reiki as a volunteer will add to your experience and confidence. As part of the Internship Program, you will receive support and guidance in finding a place to volunteer.
  2. Time. Developing a skill never happens all at once. With Reiki, the skill isn't in making the energy flow (it flows spontaneously where needed). But many people need more time to develop and fine-tune their awareness of the energy-and to trust it.
  3. Support. Questions often arise when starting out on your own. In the Internship Program, you will meet with me to discuss your experiences, the experiences of the people who receive Reiki through you, and any questions that come up.

Details of what you get in the Internship Program:

  1. Six hour-long one-on-one meetings to discuss
    1. Your experiences of self-treatment
    2. Your experiences of treating others
    3. Their experiences of receiving Reiki
    4. Questions people ask that you don't know how to answer
    5. How to describe Reiki
    6. Questions that come up for you
    7. Discussion and Reiki support for your life circumstances
  2. Help in finding a place to volunteer offering Reiki
  3. Priority access to me via phone and email.

Fee: $600 (or $550 if you sign up within a month of having taken a Reiki class with me. Pay in installments.)

Pre-requisite: First- or Second-level Reiki class and a discussion with me

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Training to be a Reiki Master

This is different from all the other levels of training. It is not a delineated class, but rather a long-term mentorship.

Pre-Requisite: Second-level Reiki class and a discussion with me.

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Next Steps

Ready to sign up, or have some questions first?

  1. Subscribe to my mailing list to receive information about upcoming classes. Do this by filling in the form on the right side of this page near the top.
  2. Call (510) 653-9884 or email me at to start the conversation about the training you're looking for!

**In my early years of Second-level Reiki, when I was organizing classes for my Reiki Master, I told someone who had already taken the First-level how much the Second-level class cost. I heard the thick, dead silence on the other end of the phone. I knew the cost had taken her aback. Spontaneously, from my heart and my few years of experience, I blurted out, "I had the same reaction as you, but I have found out that it is a drop in a bucket compared with what you get!"