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Megan Gala"I enjoyed Siddheshwari's approach to Reiki, her manner, and I felt very safe and comfortable with her. The main "problem" that brought me to the internship was that I wanted to experience more about Reiki, to learn more opportunities to use and share Reiki personally and professionally. I intended to gain support from a like-minded community where I could openly discuss and present questions to any Reiki issues I experienced. I also intended to gain support in terms of stepping out as a professional Reiki practitioner. I fulfilled both my intentions through the Reiki program. I gained amazing support from like-minded community, I had a beautiful forum to discuss Reiki and present questions that arose and I gained support and insight into stepping out as a professional Reiki practitioner. A success!"
-- Megan Gala, Moraga, CA
"Siddheshwari patiently explained Reiki to me and the necessity to take the 4 consecutive treatments prior to training. I took the 4 consecutive treatments and noticed a 'shift' within. Shortly after, I went through the first-degree class. It was fun and I learned to really appreciate Reiki for what it is and practice almost daily. After the class, I felt a bit discouraged because I had no one to practice Reiki on. A couple of weeks later, Siddheshwari saved the day and encouraged me to take the internship. I am so glad she did. Siddheshwari opened the door for me to volunteer at the East Bay SPCA and the experience has so far been so fulfilling. I offered treatments to a number of dogs there and I truly believe they benefited from Reiki's natural energy healing. Many of the dogs I've worked with have since been adopted. My heart swelled with happiness knowing that they found their forever homes."
-- Anita, San Leandro, CA

Reiki Training Program

A weekend class followed by three months of support and training

Do you long to have the healing power of your hands activated? Are you interested in learning Reiki, and want a safe, supportive environment to build confidence in it and in your abilities?

Like most people who explore Reiki and energy healing, you probably have a deep wish to heal yourself, someone you love, or other people.

However, you may be feeling a bit unsure, or even, skeptical.

Or if you practice other energy work already, you may wonder how it will mix with Reiki.

These and many other concerns and questions are common.

How do you unveil the mysterious simplicity of Reiki and feel confident with it--in just a few hours, or even in a weekend?

The answer is, you don’t!

Remember learning to ride a bicycle or drive a car? Did you feel confident right after you had learned the basics?

It is true that after a weekend Reiki class, you can give treatments to yourself and others.

No matter your background, the Reiki energy flows and heals automatically. It is as simple as that.

However, if you’re like most people, what is missing after a class is confidence -- in the Reiki itself and in your ability as a healer.

It is possible to develop the confidence that you want, and that you deserve.

To do so you need three things:

  1. Practice. Lots of it -- usually with friends and family.   To do Reiki at an institution usually requires finger-printing and fulfilling other administrative needs. That usually means you will need to continue volunteering for some time after the end of the Training Program.  As part of the Program, you may receive guidance in starting the process if needed.

  2. Time. Developing a skill never happens all at once. With Reiki, the skill isn’t in making the energy flow (it flows spontaneously where needed). But you need time to develop and fine-tune your awareness of the energy—and to trust it.

  3. Supports. You need two. The first is the support and supervision from an experienced Reiki Master, who has been working with the energy for a long time and who can guide you. The second is the mutual support of your Reiki peers.

This program takes you step by step: from having your hands activated with Reiki; learning to use it; and finally feeling confident being on your own when giving Reiki to yourself and others.

Most First-degree Reiki classes are simply that, a class that lasts anywhere from 2 to 12 hours. With some, you get practice during the class; with others, you don’t.

In the end, however, after most classes, you are left on your own – with the various questions that inevitably come up, or with trying to figure out how to describe Reiki.

After a few days or a few weeks, feelings of enthusiasm and self-confidence often decline or disappear.

In this training, you not only get practice during the class, but on-going supervision and support for three months after the class. So your questions get answered, and you can move forward with confidence.


  1. First-degree Reiki class – 9 hours over 3 or 4 days:

    Your healing energy channels are opened
    —so the energy flows automatically where needed

    You learn and practice hand positions—so you can give treatments to yourself and others

    You become aware of your particular way to feel the energy—so you can begin to feel confident

    You learn how to be physically comfortable while giving a treatment

    You learn universal spiritual principles of healing

  2. Eight conference telephone calls for support and discussion of your experiences and questions; guided meditations; Reiki healing

  3. CD/mp3 recordings of the calls so you can refer back to what was said in the calls, including guided meditations

  4. Group email discussions, where you can both ask questions and have discussions with the other participants and with us between phone calls

  5. Email and phone access to us for any questions that are private or that need a prompt answer. You will have top priority for my email  and phone response.

What the package includes and what you pay:

  1. First-degree Reiki class hours are usually:
    Fri., 7 PM - 9 PM
    Sat., 10 AM - 4 PM
    Sun., 10 AM - 12 noon
    (Dates to be determined. Call for more information.)

  2. Eight conference calls. Days and times to be determined - input of participants requested.

  3. CD/mp3 recordings of all conference calls

  4. Group email discussion driven by participants

  5. Priority access to us via email and voice mail

Your cost: You pay $258 per month for three months (that's a total of $774).

You can choose the Premium Bonus Package. In addition to the above, you receive during the three months of the Training a one-hour session from us for Reiki treatment, discussion, or review of hand positions.

Your cost for Premium Package: You pay $291 per month for three months (that's a total of $891).

Refund Policy: A full refund is given if you withdraw by the end of the first session of the class. 

Pre-requisite: four full (hour-long) Reiki treatments. This may seem like a lot to consider. And it is—but to very good purpose.

By receiving treatments, you will have a better sense whether Reiki is for you or not.

In addition, the treatments are very healing and will support you, no matter what you decide about the Training.

Further, they will help you get in touch with your own inner wisdom so you can make clearer decisions both about the Training and about anything else that needs your attention and clarity.

You do not have to get the treatments a the Reiki Center.  If cost is an issue, we can refer you to excellent, lower cost options.

Questions?  Let’s talk!  Together we can figure out what is right for you.

Are you ready to feel the benefits of Reiki and to become confident in healing yourself and others? If so, fill in the application below and continue the journey of healing. We will get back to you in a few days.

Are you interested, but feel a little unsure? If so, fill in the application below, and then we will get back to you in a few days to discuss possible next steps that fit your needs. At minimum, please supply your name, email and phone number so I can get in touch with you.

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Where you heard about us:
Please answer the following five questions in as much detail as you like. The more we know, the better we can understand what you need. These answers will be held in strict confidence.
1. What makes you interested in learning Reiki?
2. Please describe any experiences you have had with Reiki? Please include as many details as possible, to the extent you feel comfortable sharing them.
3. What concerns do you have about learning and being able to do Reiki with confidence?
4. Please name three goals or intentions you might have in taking the Reiki Training.
5. Do you have any questions you want to ask me?
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Every applicant needs to be interviewed by us before their application is accepted. (Everything related to treatments and training is held in strict confidence).