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Who Are We?

Meg Siddheshwari Sullivan

Meg Siddheshwari SullivanHi! My name is Meg Siddheshwari Sullivan. Since 1966, I have worked with thousands of people and helped them ease their pain (physical and emotional) and heal from many kinds of illness.

Starting off as a nurse’s aide and then a nurse, I ultimately came across Reiki. With my first Reiki treatment, I knew I had come home!

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Janaki Sullivan

Janaki SullivanAs Siddheshwari's daughter, I have grown up immersed in healing and transformative work for as long as I can remember.I was initiated into Reiki at the age of 4, and grew up surrounded by Reiki-receiving it from my parents and giving it to friends and family alike.I grew to trust the powerful intuition of my hands-they always seem to be drawn to what needs healing.

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